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Subject: Wow summer finally!!! [Print This Page]

Author: kayaknut    Time: 5-27-2014 14:41     Subject: Wow summer finally!!!

Can't wait to hit the lakes! Got a new rod this summer, looking forward to trying it out.
Author: CanadianGirl    Time: 8-1-2014 09:30

Have you been out fishing yet? I love fishing the Cedar River Watershed
Author: fisherlady    Time: 8-6-2014 10:50

I have it was great! I love fishing there too!
Author: TheBlackWolf    Time: 8-8-2014 14:04

Yes the water shed  is a great place to swim.
Author: crazy4fishin    Time: 8-11-2014 11:42

Cedar River has been my favourite for years.
Author: CaptainHook    Time: 8-12-2014 11:51

Cedar River really is a great place.
Author: CanadianGirl    Time: 8-18-2014 14:17

I have caught record muskies on the cedar river watershed!
Author: OutdoorJack    Time: 8-19-2014 13:58

What was your biggest CanadianGirl?
Author: fisherlady    Time: 8-28-2014 13:32

It was 70 inches! I think...

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