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Subject: Firearms Multimedia Guide  
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Firearms Multimedia Guide

Firearms Multimedia Guide, the is world's first computer searcable firearms, ammunition and air guns reference guide on DVD for PC! It presents over 41,000 firearms, ammunition and air guns from 345 manufacturers with over 24,000 high resolution color pictures. The world of firearms literature will never be the same after the Firearms Multimedia Guide.

Product Features
* The most extensive Firearms, Ammo and Airguns reference guide in the world. Computer searchable! On a double-layer DVD (8.5 GB) for your computer! Presents over 41,000 Firearms, Air Guns and Ammunition from 345 manufacturers from around the world! Guns are presented in different finishes, stock types and stock materials!
* Pistols, Revolvers, Rifles, Shotguns, Air Guns, Black Powders, Muzzleloaders, Historic Replicas, Ammunition is presented with Tech Specs - Hi-Resolution Color Pictures - Features - Prices!
* Computer searchable with 14 search criteria! Search guns by Action, caliber, stock type, stock material, Stock finish, barrel type, barrel length, barrel finish, price, etc! The resolution of pictures is up to a phenomenal 6636 x 1492. Incredible details of engravings, gold plating and checkering! Each model is presented with up to 12 pictures (left and/or right profile) but also the smallest details of the guns engravings, stock, open actions, sights, stock checkering, muzzle, etc!
* Hundreds of Exclusive European bespoke guns with price tags up to $1,000,000! See super exclusive high resolution pictures! Interlinked firearms and ammunition database! Check out the gun first, then check out it's stopping power or effective reach!
* BONUS FEATURES: 500 FREE Printable Targets, FREE US-EU Ammo Caliber Chart, Bespoke Gun Making Video!
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