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Subject: Great Fishing Trip This Spring [Print This Page]

Author: HeHooksHimself    Time: 5-31-2010 20:19     Subject: Great Fishing Trip This Spring

Four of us- Jeff,Norm, Bob and Nate took in a week at Wine Lake Camp May 22-29.  Wow, what a tremendous trip.  In spite of tipping over the jon boat in Tipover Lake and cracking a rib slippiing on the rocks at Anishinabi Falls, miscounting the take-home fish resulting in a fine to the wonderful province of Ontario, we wouldn't trade the week for anything.  Large fish, too many walleye over 22" to count, the largest at 28".  Six or seven northern pike over 30", the largest at 36".  Shallow catching of lake trout, only one small enough to eat and the largest at 31" and smallmouth up to 17".  Hundreds upon hundreds of fish all week.  As usual, Herb and Ann were great hosts and even though it is a little expensive, the WLC fishery is unmatched.  We'll be back!
Author: celia19O5    Time: 8-26-2010 02:23

Well, as you said it is so wonderful to go fishing there. I wish to be there once...I guess it will much more awesome than I expect
Good luck to you next time !

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