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Subject: Tourist attractions [Print This Page]

Author: CoolHandLuke    Time: 5-27-2014 15:15     Subject: Tourist attractions

What types of tourist attractions are in the area?
Author: CanadianGirl    Time: 8-1-2014 09:38

There is an ice cream shop with a "fort" built around it. It has a playground thats great for kids. Definitely check it out if you are in the area!
Author: CaptainHook    Time: 8-6-2014 13:12

Blue Lake provincial park is a great place to visit!
Author: CanadianGirl    Time: 8-11-2014 13:06

I went to Blue Lake this past weekend and it was beautiful. If you have time check out the diving rocks!
Author: ILikePike    Time: 8-12-2014 11:56

Blue Lake also has a great snorkelling area!
Author: ILikePike    Time: 8-13-2014 15:30

Yes Blue Lake is a great place
Author: TackleBox    Time: 8-18-2014 12:19

I love visiting the lake!
Author: OutdoorJack    Time: 8-19-2014 15:15

You should consider visiting Eagle Lake!

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