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Subject: Fireside Lodge Fishing Report 7/27 to 8/3 2019 Part 1  
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Fireside Lodge Fishing Report 7/27 to 8/3 2019 Part 1

Fireside Lodge Fishing Report 7/27 to 8/3 2019 Part 1  

Ed & JoAnn Piotrowski from Hampshire, IL returned for their 6th consecutive year and 7th trip and with them were Larry Starzec Hainesville, IL returning for his 5th time and Rich Starzec from Round Lake, IL for his 3rd visit. 1st day out both boats did well catch a lot of Smallmouth Bass after the skies cleared and it became sunny. The activity came in short bursts with JoAnne being the first to catch a Trophy Smallmouth Bass at 18.5-inches. Ed also had an exciting Muskie catch hooking it on a lite Bass rod, and after a good fight Joanne netted it for him but as Ed was attempting to pick up the Musky for a picture it jumped right out of the net and swam off. They estimated the fish to be between 35-38-inches.

2nd day was almost a repeat of day 1 with out the Muskie escape incident. 3rd day Larry and Rich managed to catch 25+ nice Smallmouth Bass despite a typical Canadian cold front with high winds from the north and on and off rain spurts. Ed and JoAnn also faired well for conditions and JoAnn caught her second Master Anglers Award Smallmouth Bass at18.5-inches. 4th day had Ed and JoAnn catching 18 Smallmouth Bass while Rich and Larry caught 26 Smallies. 5th day all had a great day Smallmouth Bass fishing with Rich and Larry ending up with 32 Rich having 2 trophies over 18-inches plus Larry had the largest Trophy Smallmouth Bass measuring 19-inches along with them catching some 15,16, and 17-inch plus fish.

6th and final day started with T-Storms first thing in the morning but turned out to be a great day fishing with calm and overcast conditions. They did well with Rich and Larry catching 37 Smallmouth Bass in their boat and Rich caught another Master Anglers Award Trophy Smallmouth Bass measuring 18-inches. Larry and Rich had 186 Smalllmouth Bass for the trip, while Ed and JoAnn had 118 for the trip. JoAnn won hands down, the retro lure contest catching fish on 3 of the 6 lures she used throughout the 6 days of fishing. Ed, Larry, and Rich all decided this was more of an accomplishment than Ed catching the biggest fish on a retro lure, a 14-inch Smallmouth, which was suppose to be the qualifier for the contest winner. All left having another wonderful stay at Fireside Lodge and already made their reservations for the same dates in 2020.  

Marty Sugerik from Wilmington, NC and Ty Trbovich from Columbus, OH were fishing with us at Fireside Lodge for their first time. DOA they did well finding their way around a new lake system and did very well catching Northern Pike.

1st full day they did good catching Northern Pike again but they also each caught a Muskie plus they had about a dozen other follows and one was a Gigantic Musky. Very good results for never fishing Little Vermilion Lake before. 2nd day was very windy with cold front conditions but they cleaned up on the fishing, catching upwards of 40 Northern Pike having several big Muskie follows, and Marty landed another big Muskie which makes it two for him and two for Ty in just 2 full days of fishing. Sometimes a summer cold front gets Musky and Northern Pike active, which is the opposite of how most fishers think.

3rd day they had another great day Muskie fishing having over 50 follows and each again caught a BIG Muskie making 6 total in 3 days.  Marty had something happen to him that I never saw or heard of before when a big Musky followed his figure eight over 40 times, and when Marty tried to switch his grip position from arm fatigue, his lure hesitated and that’s when the fish became disinterested and swam off. Also, Ty told me that one of his follows was from the biggest fresh water fish he had ever seen.

4th and final day they had another great Muskie day catching 3 more, Ty had 1 and Marty landed two plus Ty had two come unhooked right at the boat along with both having a lot of follows. That makes 9 Muskie landed, a half dozen hooked and lost, and countless follows in 4 days of fishing. That’s GREAT Muskie Fishing at Fireside Lodge. Marty and Ty when checking out expressed how this fishing vacation was better than ever imagined, not only for the GREAT fishing they experienced but the service, meals and accommodations were outstanding. They left saying they intend on reserving for 2020 with 4 people in August.  

Returning for their 3rd time were Paul Barlak, Jeff Wensing, & Pat Swinger from Broadview Hts, Strongsville, & Fairview Park, OH, brother John Barlack from Seven Hills, & Phil Billick From Lower Salem, OH. First two days were full of fun catching Northern Pike and Smallmouth Bass fighting off some tough cold front conditions.

3rd day the weather really turned around becoming a beautiful 72-degree sunny day with a light breeze. Well they had a fabulous day fishing with each boat getting continuous action all day long and each boat caught 40-50 nice Northern Pike. Sometimes weather could mean that much difference in fishing, especially the wind that affects the most important part of catching fish which is boat control. There were all smiles in the dinning room telling the fishing stories of the day.

4th day highlights was Pat catching some monster Smallmouth Bass, several trophy fish between 18-20-inches some looking as round as a football, plus Phil and Paul caught some over 30-inch Northern Pike on Spoons they purchased from my tackle shop that very morning. 5th day had them psyched to catch Muskie, making some purchases of lures from my tackle shop that Ty and Marty (above) had success with. Well they had numerous follows and Paul caught a nice Muskie, on his new lure, and as a group they caught some Northern Pike and Smallmouth Bass.

6th and final day they had fun searching for BIG fish catching some nice size Northern Pike up to the mid-30-inch range. This group had such a blast that Patrick expressed how sad he was that he had to leave and could not stay and fish the rest of his life. All went home having another great traditional group fishing trip. Thanks for choosing us at Fireside Lodge for your special trip.  

Long time guests Jim McCollam, son Ryan, Jim Havlin, son James, Ron Tucker, son Shane from Orland Park, Orland Hills, and New Lennox, IL. were glad to be back fishing at Fireside Lodge. 1st day fishing all had fun fishing between the afternoon thunderstorm activity catching Northern Pike and Smallmouth Bass.

2nd day had Jim and Ryan Muskie fishing doing very well having many follows and Jim hooked and landed a nice 36-inch thick-bodied Tiger Muskie. The others caught a lot of Northern Pike, 3rd day all said they had a good fishing day. Jim, Ryan, Jim and James catching a mix of Northern Pike and Smallmouth Bass despite the windy conditions, with most fish being good size. Ron and Shane teamed up for a day of Muskie fishing having a fabulous day catching two up to 36-inches and had many follows with some being very large Trophy Size Musky.

4th and final day was a variable weather day having some lingering T-Storms, but they made the most there last day catching some very nice Smallmouth Bass and Northern Pike. All left with wonderful father and son memories, which is the biggest catch of all.  

Hot Lures: The Worm, In-Line Spinners, Mepps Musky Killer, Blue Fox Spinner, Mepps Aglia, Zara Spook, Whopper Plopper, Sinking Worms, Rattl’n Rap, Yo-Zuri Vibe,   

Catches of The Week: 9 Muskie and 6 lost in 4 days with countless follows, 22 Trophy Smallmouth Bass out of 37 Caught, 20-inch Smallmouth Bass  

Well, that's it for this weeks Fireside Lodge Fishing News Report, Please stay tuned for next weeks report. Until then "Keep On Fish'n" Alan
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