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Subject: YOSHIDA SEIKO CO.,LTD. is now finding agents over the world  
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YOSHIDA SEIKO CO.,LTD. is now finding agents over the world

YOSHIDA SEIKO CO.,LTD. is a manufacturer and exporter of high quality fishing tackle which is located in Taiwan. We have parts of our products made in Japan, which means high quality products. We provide fishing equipment such as rods, line, hooks, lures, and reels with the same quality as the major brands, but at a better value due to lower overhead cost.

Currently, we are expanding globally and are looking for new distributors or exclusive agents in each local market. Some of our products can be found at our brand new website:

If you are interested in doing business with us and would like a further information or discussion, please feel free to contact with me:
Cindy Hsu
3-13-2012 22:46#1
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